Faith works if we work it. Faith in God has two components, believing and speaking God’s word. Concerning His purpose and perfect plan for my life, Jesus said to have faith in God. I understand this to mean that I must believe and speak that I have the perfect knowledge of God’s will according His word (Colossians 1:9). Concerning my health/healing, having faith in God tells me to declare daily that through the stripes of Jesus,  I have already been made whole according to His word (Isaiah 53:4-5). So, in every areas of need or growth in my life, I must exercise my faith by believing and speaking.


Speaking God’s word is prayer. When I speak it in faith, I will receive it in Jesus name.


God taught me years ago to not be too quick to pray, but to FIRST assess the situation, know that in Him, I already overcome (things will work out), even when I can’t see how, or the possibility of it in the natural. He taught me to know that He is the ALMIGHTY GOD, Who can do literally anything, I mean anything. God taught me that if something goes wrong, He can make it right, fix it or recreate it like the wrong never even happened. These lessons are the bases of my faith. I just know that God Almighty is on my side and nothing can defeat me and I am abundantly supplied.


SECONDLY, to find the Scriptures that guarantee the victory/breakthrough I desire. Upon finding the Scriptures, to meditate on those Scriptures until I see myself in the reality of God’s word/promises. I meditate until I am able to see what He said more that what the situation is. This is consistent with what I heard Bro Jesse Duplantis said in a meeting while preaching that if I can get you to focus more on and confess, “by His stripes you were healed”, we can easily get rid of the sicknesses/disease.


Finally God taught me that from the place of  meditation and seeing my result in light of His words, it’s time to approach Him in prayer. This type of prayer is conversational and appreciative in nature. For example; Lord, I thank you that I have victory in you concerning this situation, I have seen what you said and I choose to believe your word, no matter what. I believe I receive my victory now, and I thank you for the manifestation of it speedily, even right now, in Jesus name. Amen.


Have faith in God is a stance and a process. Glory to God that today we heed God’s Word and are having Faith in Him.


Say this: Father according to the Words of the Lord in Mark 11:22, I choose to have faith in you. God, you never fail, therefore, I will never fail and I believe you are causing my thoughts to align with Yours and that you are bringing me into Your purpose and plan for my life, spirit, mind and body. Your purpose is being worked out in my family, relationships and finances. I will close 2022 strong and I declare that 2023 is my year of the open door in Jesus name.

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