Leadership Training

According to John Maxwell, “Everything rises and falls on Leadership.” I can personally attest to this statement. Leading others is one thing. but leading ourselves is even more challenging. Many people will not even follow their own self and yet they expect others to follow them. That doesn’t work, and we know that. To be an effective leader, you not only need to know the way, you need to be able to show the way and to go the way. 

At Mistufem Group, we provide Leadership and Teamwork training, coaching, and we speak to organizations (especially ministry teams and churches) to give them practical steps to connect with their audience for influence and impact. As needed, we have assessment tools that can help leaders and supervisors have, not only intelligent, but emotional knowledge of their subordinates so they can be empowered to connect and lead them effectively and more…


For more information about Mistufem Group’s mission and resources, please visit our website.

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