How Faith Comes: Looking Beyond Our Senses


Bible Faith Course Pt. 3

Faith often requires us to go beyond what our senses tell us and trust in God’s Word. This is especially true when we are praying for healing or seeking breakthroughs in various areas of our lives. It’s easy to rely on our senses and wait for visible evidence before believing, but that’s not how faith operates.

In John 20:25-29, Thomas doubted the resurrection of Jesus until he could physically see and touch Jesus’ wounds. Jesus gently rebuked Thomas, saying, “Blessed are they that have not seen, and yet have believed.” This teaches us that faith is believing in God’s Word regardless of what our senses tell us.

Michael had been working towards a big promotion for years. Despite his efforts, the promotion didn’t seem to be in his reach, and he faced setbacks along the way. His colleagues doubted his ability, but Michael held onto his faith and kept trusting God’s plan.

Rather than being discouraged by his circumstances, Michael continued to work hard and believe that God had a plan for his life. Eventually, the promotion he sought came through, and Michael was offered an even higher position than he had anticipated. His faith, despite what his senses told him, paid off in unexpected ways.

To cultivate this kind of faith, we must:
– Focus on God’s Word: Keep God’s promises at the forefront of our minds. Proverbs 4:20-21 encourages us to attend to God’s words and keep them in our hearts.
– See ourselves as God sees us: Often, we fail because we focus on our limitations rather than God’s limitless power. Romans 4:19-20 reminds us of Abraham’s faith despite his old age and Sarah’s barren womb. He saw himself through the lens of God’s promise, not his circumstances.

When we shift our focus from our senses to God’s Word, we strengthen our faith and position ourselves for victory. Let’s choose to believe and act on God’s Word, trusting that His promises will be fulfilled in our lives.

In all things, let’s keep our eyes on Jesus and declare, “Lord, I thank you for your Word. I choose to believe and act on your Word. I choose to focus and consider your Word regarding my life and situations.” Amen.