Intangible things such as feelings, circumstances, or beliefs that get in the way (of breaking free and moving forward) are realities in many lives. These feelings are called emotional baggage. God gave us relationships to make us better but it feels like the opposite most people lives. Can I get a witness…

Many are worse off and downright wounded as a result of relationships. Or maybe the enemy is constantly harassing you with thoughts of condemnation because of your past, he keeps photo-bombing your present or the prospect of a better future with your past mistakes or misdeeds. You need to get free from all these.

You need to realize you are not your mistakes. God wants to completely free you and purge your conscience of everything evil. There are new doors in front of you, doors of, maybe, new godly relationships or of faith, family, and freedom. The baggage must be dealt with.
I call you healed today in the mighty name of Jesus. Amen.

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